What to expect

Engaging in the process of counselling can be a truly rewarding experience for the client; a process that can bring true uninterrupted reflection. The problems and issues that clients come to us with are complex which means sometimes difficult and sometimes painful.  Expect us to wonder, laugh, smile, consider and acknowledge with you.  Most importantly on your journey of self-discovery you have the support of another.

Initial consultation

We provide an initial consultation whereby you discuss why you feel you may benefit from counselling. With you we will consider the issues. This also allows you the opportunity to see whether you feel we are suitable for you in terms of working together. If we agree to work together we will, at the time of consultation, discuss:

  • Length of counselling : short or long term
  • The issues that we will work through
  • Your expectations/goals and reservations regarding the counselling

We offer short term (6-12 sessions) or long term counselling if appropriate.